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14-07-2005 05:34:28

I requested approval this Tuesday, I have 11 greens. The thing is, though, I'll be moving at the the end of the month. If I get approved soon, and place an order, do you think it'll get here in time before I move? If it does get here too late, I can still get the package, but it'll be a big hassle. I just want to know if I can go ahead and place my order.

The reason I want to ship it to my current address is because I've had so many addresses on my Gratis accounts. I've moved a ton of times, so I have 5 accounts and 4 addresses. I've been put on hold before because of having so many addresses. I've already received 2 rewards to this address, and getting it shipped here would probably reduce the chance of me getting put on hold.


14-07-2005 05:55:47

they are pretty quick bbal requested approval last week and he is getting it today so if you have no problems it shouldnt be to long.


21-07-2005 06:47:06

Followup to this topic

Requested approval last Tuesday... DHL says they're going to deliver on Friday.