FreeIpodShuffle Not Crediting my last Ref. Help?

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12-07-2005 15:39:49

I have waited over a month for pistonz to go green on my account. He completed the blockbuster offer, ordered dvd's and recieved all them weeks ago. Still he is yellow, he is on vacation now and won't be back for a week or so, he e-mailed gratis before he left and they told him to e-mail back in a week. is there anything i can do? he is my last green that i need.


12-07-2005 15:47:19

Is that you in your avy?


12-07-2005 15:57:47

no thats Paul Wall


12-07-2005 16:00:59

I have no clue who that is... Oh well...

Anyway, your options are-

1. Refer another guy to do an offer
2. Wait


13-07-2005 08:29:53

yea i bet pistonz didn't do sumtin right

the most common thing is not having cookies on


13-07-2005 12:50:13

Blockbuster takes awhile. I had a referral do blockbuster and it took a week and a half (counting weekends, so about 9 days). But it finally came through
and it's a nice offer.


13-07-2005 12:56:13

[quote89350276f0="J4320"]I have no clue who that is... Oh well...

he is a rapper he is in that mike jones song still tippin


13-07-2005 12:56:33

[quote7827c9c2ef="n3il89"]yea i bet pistonz didn't do sumtin right

[b7827c9c2ef]the most common thing is not having cookies on[/b7827c9c2ef][/quote7827c9c2ef]

Yeah that's probably the problemo.


13-07-2005 13:11:42

I've been waiting for pistonz to green on my freepsps for about a month as well. Hopefully it's a correctable issue.



13-07-2005 19:08:16

yeah hopefully, if not i may have to pay someone else. he said he would do another site for me though.

yeah paul wall is the people's champ....the undisputed king of the parking lot.


13-07-2005 19:22:27

Im similar to ant cause im low to the earth


14-07-2005 08:39:06

people's feelins get hurt, when they figure out what im worth.


14-07-2005 08:45:53

im paul wall baby whatcha know about that


14-07-2005 12:20:53

im on that 5-9 South Lee baby holla at me


14-07-2005 12:36:56

Alright, this is getting kind of odd... ?


14-07-2005 13:11:28

lol what you dont like mike jones or paul wall


14-07-2005 20:21:15

sonofshoe, you are killin our mad freestylin of paul wall.

motz to continue

I'm from the place we be sippin on prescription cough syrup


14-07-2005 21:04:44

biggest diamonds up in my mouth princess cuts all in my chain ( i dont know what goes after that line you put)