OMG Every Single One Of My Accounts Placed On HOLD!!!!!!!

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07-07-2005 16:19:53

My friend who I have been having sign up under my accounts apparently had been making multiple accounts I guess. He says he hasnt but I dont know. ICFreeipod just popped up and every single one of my accounts has been placed on hold. I am wetting my pants right now. shock Im so pissed and I hope they realize that its not my fault and take me off of hold. o ( ) AHHHHHHH. What you guys think?


07-07-2005 16:29:36

If you're on hold then theres a reason.


07-07-2005 19:55:10

also, if one of your accounts is on hold, they reserve the right to place any other of your accounts (along with any future accounts) on hold...

[quote09243eb8a5=" t&c"]
2. Additional terms regarding "hold" status

(a) We reserve the right to place a user's account on hold at any time.

(b) We are not responsible for notifying a user about his or her account being placed on hold.

(c) If an account on any Gratis Internet website is placed on hold, all other accounts across all Gratis Internet websites created by that individual may be placed on hold as well. Moreover, all orders from any account created or connected to this individual may be frozen and the user will be unable to order from any of the Gratis Internet websites.

(d) A user who has had his or her account placed on hold may not create another account on any Gratis Internet website.

(e) A user's account will be on hold indefinitely. Holds do not expire.
(g) If a user feels that he or she has been placed on hold in error (i.e. has not acted against the terms of Gratis Internet), he or she may contact us via our website.

(h) We reserve the right to place a user's account on hold after they have gotten credit for a free item, and even after ordering and receiving their free item. We also hold the right to follow up legally on fraudulent activities. [/quote09243eb8a5]

so watch out... make sure your referrals aren't making other accounts (it might not be that friend, unless he's your only referral)


08-07-2005 08:11:23

I have tons more referals than just that person. But Im so scared. shock I havent done anything wrong and because of this all ALL of my acccounts are on hold.


08-07-2005 09:01:01

Open a support ticket explaining the situation. Gratis seems to be known for their helpful tech support.


08-07-2005 13:32:46

gratis seems to be going down the crapper lately ... putting accounts on hold without providing any reasons whatsoever ...


12-07-2005 08:06:36

The secret is to tell them about stuff BEFORE you submit for approval. They took care of my double signups in 8 hours. I lost one of my completed offers but at least I lose the risk of getting put on hold.


12-07-2005 08:31:45

[quotebc6966d5a9="Collateral"]If you're on hold then theres a reason.[/quotebc6966d5a9]

Yeah there's always a reason.


12-07-2005 13:40:15

I hadnt even requested approval though. Its not like I asked them to review my account. They just put them all on hold.


12-07-2005 15:06:41

[quote413baab244="theclownoftightness"]I hadnt even requested approval though. Its not like I asked them to review my account. They just put them all on hold.[/quote413baab244]

That's really strange.


13-07-2005 16:18:44

Oh boy, Gratis is acting really strange, maybe it's the hot summer sun?


13-07-2005 23:19:36

God this sucks x