Gratis being slow??

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05-07-2005 14:26:29

I was really hoping to get my ipod shuffle by the 9th so I could take it to Circuit City and trade it in for store credit because I need to buy a memory card for my camera so I can take pictures in Hawaii on the 10th. But Ive been processing on freeipodshuffle for like a week and a half now! Grr, hehe


05-07-2005 20:48:05

yeah sometimes it happens. I had to wait forever for my mac mini (I was in the first batch) and on my PS2 which I wanted in time for spring break which never happened (it was a few weeks later after that). However. I think there are just many factors that take into account of how long it takes. My iPOD was STV the same day I had my account approved and recived it about a week later. So, I guess what I am trying to say is it takes patience. In the end though you will received your gift. I have just learned not to plan around it. You will get your gift eventually.


06-07-2005 10:44:04

Well Im STV, yay!


06-07-2005 12:10:36

yup me too. Woohoo!


06-07-2005 12:32:05

me 3