New Desktop PC's?

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04-07-2005 08:33:47

Do you guys think they will be putting some new desktoppc's on their site? they are starting to get ... bad! LOL, they change the monitors and i beleive the cameras do, when will they change their pcs?


04-07-2005 08:47:46

hmmmm.....i dunno......since im on hold on FDPC at the moment im not really bothered, but it would be cool (provided i get off hold) if they were to change them (for the better) when im getting near to completing the site.

some of the PC's on there are pretty fuckin bad though lol.


04-07-2005 09:41:02

yea i know... but why are you on hold?


04-07-2005 15:04:37

heres why



04-07-2005 15:05:45

[quoteed830fcf6e="theysayjump"]heres why


Did you talk to Jake yet?


04-07-2005 15:53:58

well it happened on friday, so there wasnt a whole lot that could be done about it, but he said he couldnt check then cos the system was down or something.

hopefully he has some news for me tomorrow, but if not ill just send in a CS ticket.