Has anyone recently done Ultraslim Weight loss?

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03-07-2005 16:49:12

I keep getting this message everytime I submit my information


An Error has occurred. An email has been sent to the System Administrator alerting him to this error.
We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.

Please click here to go back.

If you are having trouble ordering please call 1-800-728-2437 for assistance.

They're closed right now so I can't call. But calling won't get me the ref credit either. And it's the only offer left that I can do on Gratis


03-07-2005 19:28:53

yea I did it about a couple weeks ago,said the same message and still havn't received credit.

I don't know,you exberts at helping users here know anything? did we both do something wrong?


03-07-2005 22:00:43

i did it and it worked fine for me.....very fast green also.


04-07-2005 01:37:00

Yeah I did it a couple days ago and got an instant green.


04-07-2005 09:43:14

i heard it was pretty fast in terms of time to green -D