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02-07-2005 00:35:47

has anyone completed this offer? if so, do you possibly know what you receive for ordering which bag? for example, i know some people receive coach gift certificates for ordering the coach bag. some have received certificates and others have received neiman marcus ones. what do you get for what??



02-07-2005 01:41:11

I ordered the fendi and got the fendi. mrgreen

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I think their shipping out some actual handbags again.


02-07-2005 02:37:17

Ordered the Fendi - got Ashfors GC after a long wait )


02-07-2005 15:42:41

damn, i'd really prefer a gift card to an actual bag. (


05-07-2005 06:00:14

you could sell the bag on ebay and use the money to buy whatever you wanted. you can't, however, return a coach bag without receipt.....they'd only give you store credit.

trust me. i've returned a Coach bag before.


05-07-2005 09:12:44

Or just keep the bag ) They are nice bags


05-07-2005 09:46:14

Can't remember what bag I ordered; I've a feeling it was a Fendi, but I got a $250 Neiman Marcus gift card. My wife used it to buy a Kate Spade bag and a dress a few weeks ago.


06-07-2005 09:45:58

I ordered the black Coach bag....Jake sent me an email saying they no longer had the bag & offered me the choice of a $250 giftcard from Neiman Marcus or


06-07-2005 14:56:15

We either send out the bag or a GC of equivalent value.


07-07-2005 06:59:40

[quotef3004787c1="Jake"]We either send out the bag or a GC of equivalent value.[/quotef3004787c1]

is there any way that i'd be able to get a GC instead of a purse for sure?


07-07-2005 17:37:18

if you order the Coach bag, you'll get offered a card. at least right now.

i just got an email offering me a choice of another purse, or a choice of a card......i dont like the websites of the cards and dont want anything on the sites. i also dont want any other purse than the Coach one from freehandbags.

i'm grouchy.