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01-07-2005 19:50:41

when they check IP addresses do they just check it when you do the offer or like everytime you have logged in

because my friend did an offer for me from my skool and i logged in from there also (though i didn't do my offer from skool)

i did my offer from my own house

will this screw up my approval process?


02-07-2005 20:55:58

yes you will be put on hold wink

im 99% sure


02-07-2005 21:56:15

not necessarily, contact gratis and explain to them what happened and that you were worried that you may be put on hold for it.

they would be better at telling you since all we can do is assume or guess.


02-07-2005 22:00:53

[quote5d763c0bcb="combo"]yes you will be put on hold wink

im 99% sure[/quote5d763c0bcb]

Maybe you shouldn't be 99% sure about everything. Are you 99% sure your girlfriend is pregnant just cuz she gained a few LB ESSES. K, Sorrru.gtr


04-07-2005 14:26:23

crap that would really suk if that happened

i mean i just logged on there nothing else

hopefully they wont, i'm still processing


04-07-2005 14:54:01

if it does get put on hold how do i get out of it?

because my friend just did this for me as a favor and she was just gonna use blockbuster anyways. Plus, she just graduated and i have no way of contacting her besides AIM and she is never on

i mean what should i do?


04-07-2005 15:04:11

The only thing you can do is contact Gratis and try and explain it to them.


04-07-2005 15:04:32

[quote3f9f5590d9="combo"]yes you will be put on hold wink

im 99% sure[/quote3f9f5590d9]

Im 99% sure your wrong


04-07-2005 16:11:02

[quote17f1035af5="CoMpFrEaK"][quote17f1035af5="combo"]yes you will be put on hold wink

im 99% sure[/quote17f1035af5]

Im 99% sure your wrong[/quote17f1035af5]

are you sure?


04-07-2005 16:38:08

[quotebbc7dfcdaf="n3il89"][quotebbc7dfcdaf="CoMpFrEaK"][quotebbc7dfcdaf="combo"]yes you will be put on hold wink

im 99% sure[/quotebbc7dfcdaf]

Im 99% sure your wrong[/quotebbc7dfcdaf]

are you sure?[/quotebbc7dfcdaf]

It depends on how many issues there are with your account. But typically you wont have a issue, as long as you dont try to cheat your good, thats as far as im going to go.


04-07-2005 17:09:29

alright good

because i know i didn't cheat D