Do I really have to wait 15 days if I don't get credit?

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30-06-2005 16:13:39

I did the Napster offer last Friday, and I still haven't received credit to this day. If I put in a support ticket, will they even give me the time of day if I haven't waited the full 15 day grace period? There's a thread on this forum somewhere about a lot of people not getting credit for the Napster offer. I followed everything perfectly, and Napster even had the nerve to charge me $9.95 before my trial period even ended.

Will contacting Gratis before the 15 days get me in trouble or what? I'm getting kind of antsy because I have [i2f6224f209]eleven[/i2f6224f209] referrals, and my offer I did a week ago hasn't gone through yet.


30-06-2005 16:18:12

You have to wait the 15 days. I doubt that they will help you if you haven't.


30-06-2005 16:18:52

It probably won't get you in trouble, but it will get you a response that you won't like, something to the tune of "please wait 15 days before questioning referrals".

It's their policy for the end user to wait 15 days for just sit and wait for a bit longer before sending in a ticket.

Make sure you have the confirmation e-mail from Napster when you signed this would probably be the only way you will end up getting credited for the Napster deal. I had about 8 people do the Napster deal under me and never received credit, it's not Gratis' fault, but rather something messed up with Napster/their referral service.

Also, the 9.95 they charged you is probably a deposit that they will give back to you after your account is canceled.

Good luck!


30-06-2005 16:21:02

yeah contact them...if you havent recieved credit and its after the amount of time you were expected to get credit ("you will be credited within 2-3 days") the contact them and see what they say.

i did napster and it didnt work, i contacted gratis and they said to try a different offer, so i did, and then that didnt work, so i contacted them again and t hey said to try i did, and then that one did work i did recieve credit.

they wont chew you out unless you are constantly on at them and being a dick about it.

try and make sure you write them like at the end of the night or start of the working day....that way they have the whole day to investigate and get back to you.