What will happen to photoipods?

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28-06-2005 18:06:42

The next line of ipods is supposed to be 20Gb with color screen for 299$ and a 60GB with color screen for 399$ They wont be offering the black and white screen anymore so what will happen to freephotoipods.com since they are all photos now?


28-06-2005 18:09:39

so my beloved ipod will be obsolete? NOOO!


28-06-2005 20:46:10

[quotee9305e0c41="Vector"]so my beloved ipod will be obsolete? NOOO![/quotee9305e0c41]

lol obsolete, my friend still uses 1st gen


28-06-2005 21:30:10

Most likely offer ipod mini's (6gb)
and iTunes gift certificates,
i wouldn't worry about it


28-06-2005 22:44:08

Why wouldn't they just give away the bigger one on photoipods


29-06-2005 08:40:57

[quote41a700734c="ragefu"]Why wouldn't they just give away the bigger one on photoipods[/quote41a700734c]

yea that sounds aboot right, 60GB one on photo and 20GB one on freeipods


29-06-2005 10:17:15

Since it's only $400 for the 60G now, they should lower the # of refs needed.


29-06-2005 11:38:48

I just went STV on photoipods today, so I'll probably be getting the older model (I hope apple fixed the sound issues some have been reporting)


29-06-2005 13:01:56

I went STV today too. What did they change on the 60GB model?


29-06-2005 20:40:13

shit u guys went STV today??? fuck i just sent in for aproval yesturday!!!! ARGGG i new this shit would happen just miss the batch