F ME (I'm a little less upset now I think)

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28-06-2005 13:59:55

I just did the winanylotto offer and it appears that they charged me the 1 buck for the 1 day trial plus the 39.95 for the first month already. I just signed up today. I'm pissed if I don't get that 40 bucks back! ( twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted twisted (


28-06-2005 14:06:10

Ok I feel a little better....Just got this email about it

Dear Sir or Madam

All trial membership orders have a pre-authorized debit for the
Website's monthly membership fee. This debit will show as a temporary
pending charge.

If you choose to cancel within the trial period, the pending amount
will be dropped within 5 to 7 business days. If you do not cancel
the trial period, the charge will remain and the membership will
into a recurring monthly billing until canceled.

For further assistance, please call our Customer service Center at any
the numbers listed below.

In the future, if you wish to auto administer your account information,
Visit our self-help page at


Best Regards,

Billing Support On-line Customer Service


28-06-2005 14:14:35

Yeah, same happened to me...I know it sucks to see, but you can't let temorary authorizations like that get under your skin )


28-06-2005 14:41:06

I always thought in the back of my mind that might be what it was, but the site seemed a little sketchy anyway, and I was hesitant to do it, but I feel better now.


28-06-2005 16:53:22

hey let us know how long it takes to green odd'.


28-06-2005 18:33:10

[quote0350d5c563="theysayjump"]hey let us know how long it takes to green odd'.[/quote0350d5c563]

My father did it a couple days ago (at least he said he did), and I just saw that he went green for me. I don't think he cancelled it though, he plays the lottery a lot )


28-06-2005 19:52:17

[quote8a660825dd="theysayjump"]hey let us know how long it takes to green odd'.[/quote8a660825dd]

I'll let ya know....Hopefully its sooner rather than later...With the idea of reseting TR's under 10 floating around I need to get a couple more trades in to break into double digits.


29-06-2005 21:49:53

I just got home (bout 1230 AM) and checked to see if winanylotto had creditied yet, and sure enought it had. About 1 day is all it took....provided i get my above mentioned 39.95 back I would say it's a good offer )