Holy fucking crap

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28-06-2005 11:27:42

I just found out that the same person might have done two sign-ups and offers on a site for both me and my girlfriend. Just some random guy(s) off the internet, and I didn't know I was dealing with the same person.

I'm fucked, aren't I?

Excuse my French but I'm a bit pissed off...


28-06-2005 12:02:31

they just go red

what I have noticed from gratis is that they are legit... they wont put u on hold for some bulklshit reason like what OTHER people did


28-06-2005 12:17:57

Really? I know Gratis has great service, I've praised them in this forum many times. In this case, I think they'd suspect me since the guy made two accounts on the same site under my referral (not one each on the same site for me and my gf - I wasn't very clear). I'm not 100% sure it's the same guy yet, but I thought I read here that when that happens, they put you on hold too.

I've already completed 7 Gratis sites, and have a clean track record, never having problems like this before... I wonder if I can tip them off in advance and they'd just strike them off my list and let me continue... I'll have to PM Jake when I'm sure what's going on and maybe he can help me...


28-06-2005 12:21:07

they can put you on hold but i highly doubt they will im sure you will be ok


28-06-2005 14:24:43

i got put on hold for what someone else did.... they actually put me on hold and said my account couldn't be trusted. after a billion service tickets I convinced them it wasnt my fault. i still had to submit a new ticket to say 'now that you're convinced take me off hold' and they said ok. i shudder to think if i had given up when all that was required was asking.


28-06-2005 14:36:26

Can you tell us why they put you on hold in the first place?

The guy(s) in question for my accounts are supposedly different guys at the same school... Don't know if I can trust them/him.


28-06-2005 15:05:23

one person made 2 accounts by mistake. i was surprised how unwilling they were to listen to my explanation.


28-06-2005 15:08:22

And they didn't do offers on them (assuming so, since it was a mistake)? I've had that happen sometimes, but never had problems.


28-06-2005 15:21:19

guess i'm "suspicious" lol oh well nobody said it would be easy. i was pretty pissed though because i did what was required.
if they put you on hold write em a few tickets. you'll eventually get through to them


28-06-2005 15:35:34

Thanks for the info guys!