Has anyone done the Great Fun offer?

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27-06-2005 12:07:12

I was wondering if anyone has done the greatfun.com offer i know you can do it for the freeminimacs site but i dont know about others. Because for completion all you have to is sign up for the free membership and stay on for at least seven days. It seems to easy or is their a catch?


27-06-2005 12:52:30

greatfun.com is a great offer. i did it, need to cancel, their site is currently down, but i got credit almost instantly, and got 2 $10 gift cards to circuit city.


27-06-2005 13:32:21

Great Fun is awesome! Highly recommend it.


27-06-2005 15:24:59

I love great fun! got the circuit city gift cards and everything.


27-06-2005 16:23:03

for the great fun offer does it cost one dollar or is it a free 7-day trial? I thot it was a free 7-day trial but when i went on the site it acted like it was 1$ trial month and then $8.99 every month after?


27-06-2005 16:38:19

Even if its 1 buck for a month its stilll a great deal. Just like realrhapsody its 99cents for the first month, their great offers to do


27-06-2005 19:11:11

yeah its $1 for a month, i actually used a coupon on there for golf, saved $20.

I called and cancled today, took 2 calls, they like work in a sweat shop, like a bunch of people talking and music playing, however i cancled in 5 minutes.