Still waiting for approval on freeipods

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27-06-2005 09:31:33

How long does it usually take for freeipods approval? I requested approval on 6/16 so it is past the 7-10 days and I just wondered how long it took for most people to get approved. My shuffle was approved on 6/23 and i requested approval for it on 6/16 as well. I have heard freeipods takes longer but how long should i expect? I know that Gratis will do it eventually but I just wanted a general time if possible.


27-06-2005 12:27:36

It won't be too long.


27-06-2005 17:25:28

The first time I submitted for freeipods it took 10 business days, I just recently re-submitted Friday the 24th -) . Hope all is good. Good luck!


27-06-2005 17:32:01

Hopefully tomorrow then. We will see! Hopefully my shuffle will be STV soon too.


27-06-2005 17:37:20

The key thing is business days, it's only been about 7 since 6/16. I'd say that it would be likely to see you taken care of by the end of this week, although this is just based on my past experience and their details that show up after you submit for approval.


28-06-2005 18:16:23

So since there is the new 20 gb color ipod out I want to wait a while even when I do get approved to see when Gratis will switch to sending that one out. Anyone have any idea as to how long before the switch?