Referring friends?

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26-06-2005 23:22:04

This is a friend of a9xe6oz.

I was wondering if anyone, (or Jake), could answer this question. I referred a good friend of mine to Freeipods. Now, his older brother would also like to sign-up. They would have different mailing addresses.

Is this "legal" or will I end up being put on hold?



26-06-2005 23:26:05

no that would be fine, but he would also have to have a different name(not a necessity but some problems arise for having the same last name), IP address and CC (for the offers).


26-06-2005 23:27:09

He would have the same last name. Different CC, IP and mailing address.



26-06-2005 23:27:48

get him to contact gratis before hand, see if they say there would be a problem or not.


27-06-2005 04:57:10

My mom did an offer under me, and we have the same last name. Different cc, address, etc. though.

Shouldn't be an issue, it says "Only on per household" not "Only one per last name." D