Just requested approval at FHB

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26-06-2005 20:15:18

Like the topic states, just requested approval for freehandbags
Lots of peepz are saying that they have been having problems getting the handbags and sending them or something. Hopefully this will be smooth sailing though.

Wish Me Luck )


26-06-2005 22:08:23

i got a gift certificate,
waited a month after i recieved it to get something,
got something and sold it for 150% of it's value!


27-06-2005 04:26:43

I did FHB when it first started and waited about 2 or 3 months after ordering; then out of nowhere a $250 Neiman Marcus giftcard showed up. My GF was delighted and neither of us was really in any hurry, so we all lived happily ever after D