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25-06-2005 16:46:32

I just have a few questions about the sites
how many referrals it is?

which PC do you believe is the best on

and also any comments on how long the processing times are?

and if you think it is better just to get a mac mini instead of one of the pcs?



25-06-2005 16:50:14

It all depends one if you prefer mac or pc

if you go for the pc, go with th edell and upgrade it.

also, if you like mac and you wanna do that site i will pay you


25-06-2005 16:59:21

I would say the cyberpower x-blade because it seems to have better features than the other ones.(although it doesn't come with a monitor like the dell)

and i would say the prossess time is like the gaming systems,and it depends
if you like portibility better then sitting at a desk to know whether a mac mini is for you or a desktop.

hope that helps. D

(although aguy makes a good point about the dell)


25-06-2005 17:07:03

the cyber powers have alot of problems...

dell is super trusted and it comes with a 2.8 ghz processor and ddr2 memory


25-06-2005 17:14:22

thats right i've seen one,well go with what aguy said about the dell.

sorry i forgot about the problems they were having.


25-06-2005 19:00:50

Don't get the minimac if you want a GOOD's more of a fun basic machine


25-06-2005 19:11:45

the cyberpowers problems ar not consistent problems that are happening with each one.

it was a handful of people at the most who had a couple of problems with it.

im currently working on and im getting the cyberpower. then im gonna start working on freeflatscreens.

i just dont like dell.


25-06-2005 20:58:13

i'm working on mine also but now you guy's have me now second guessing which one (the dell or cyberpower) i should strive


28-06-2005 15:00:21

I just signed up for it and I haven't really started working at it, but looking at the specs I liked the cyberpower for sure. What kind of problems are people having with them?

Also I am processing on freeminimacs as you can see by my sig )


28-06-2005 17:19:07

Got mine about 3 weeks ago, here are the minor issues that I have

1. Seems like Cyberpower just copied some cloned image onto the drive since one trial program already expired. Since I plan to reformat and start from scratch anyway, this is not that important. They did include a XP restore CD, but it looks used as it was scratch. My plan is to make a copy of the Windows CD just in case.

2. Blue lights. Nice to show your buddies, but do you actually want lights shining 24/7? How about if you leave your PC on overnight to finish that download? There is no way to simply turn on/off the lights. You have to disconnect them all and then replace 2 of the 3 case fans.

3. Speaking of lights, how much juice do you need to power those suckers? Computers are very sensitive to power fluctuations, so the last you need is something sucking up power. What makes this more critical is the fact that Cyberpower bundles a power supply from a company with a low reputation, Deer.

4. The X-Blade cases has 3 fans. Okay, if you are a overclocker and you need the cooling, then maybe you will tolerate the noise. Unfortunately, this MSI they include is not an overclockable motherboard. So, you have all this nose for no reason.

Personally, I plan to remove the silly fan control that is probably not accurate to begin with and remove/replace some of the case fans. If none of these points concern you, then you will be happy. Of course, the other computers are not perfect either. The Dell, for instance, has less RAM, harddrive space, and has limited upgradability. Regardless of the issues above, the computer was almost free, so I'm happy camper.


28-06-2005 19:14:38

Kudos Bookerman, nice run down.

Another thing to consider is gaming. PCs win hands down for varity of games but Macs are starting to get some good titles converted to play with them...

In that area it would be good to wait a few years before getting a Mac because they will (2007) switch to Intel chips which will mac them compatible (I believe) with PC applications (to an extent).


29-06-2005 12:51:10

Well I would personally pick the MAC just because most of us our probaly using PCs to type these replies and that all of us already have computers so why not get somthin diffrent like a MAC. There good for media and music.


29-06-2005 12:53:59

[quote711c4eb4d9="nobodyukno"]Well I would personally pick the MAC just because most of us our probaly using PCs to type these replies and that all of us already have computers so why not get somthin diffrent like a MAC. There good for media and music.[/quote711c4eb4d9]

That's why I got's simple and you don't need super high performance to play your music!


30-06-2005 20:11:42

yea i am on 5 of 10 on the mac. i couldnt decide whether to sell it or not but i will just fill it with music and use it for my ipod and stuff. i have a monitor that has vga and dvi so i wont have to get a new one. just a keyboard and mouse. should i go with the bluetooth mouse and keyboard?