blockbuster credit

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25-06-2005 10:28:41

my cousin signed up for freeflatscreens under me and did the blockbuster offer last sunday. How long does it usually take to get credit for blockbuster? I know its supposed to be after you recieve your first set of dvd's but i would think that she would have them by now. I made sure she used IE so everything should have went through correctly.


25-06-2005 12:29:07

welp for me it was 4 days, i recieve dvd's on saturday, and got credit thursday.

However for one of my referrals its like 2.5 weeks now. he has sent in a manual request


27-06-2005 07:14:48

I did the offer a couple of weeks ago and it took about 2 weeks, maybe a little less, but no worries I'm sure yours will go through as well.


27-06-2005 15:24:57

just greened for her today )


27-06-2005 16:19:30

It's been taking 7-10 days since they changed to credit after first set of DVDs shipped.