question on RealRhapsody offer.

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24-06-2005 21:54:52

Does anyone know anything about if u really recieve credit instantly and whether its legit or not?


24-06-2005 21:57:41

Sorry but if u can answer please do cause this is imparitive to a trade i'm doing.


24-06-2005 22:04:02

I did it about 5 days ago and it has not greened, but that does not surprise me... A lot of instant offers have taken awhile for me.


24-06-2005 22:06:28

so is it worth my while to do?


24-06-2005 22:27:20

i did video professor a while ago and it greened for me in about 30 minutes at the most. video professor online however took 4 days and a support ticket to Gratis for it to green for me.

i cant say what the crediting is like now, but a couple of months ago it was instant.

id say instant greening would be within an hour of completing the offer.


24-06-2005 22:30:02

ok i hope it does so i can get a green for my site by tomorrow.
thanx, and please post anymore help if u can.


25-06-2005 07:27:39

it greened for me in like 20 seconds


25-06-2005 09:05:09

i havent greened waiting at least 5 days


25-06-2005 10:23:59

Instant green for me )


25-06-2005 13:26:15

Well i guess u take a chance,u might get lucky and u might not. i hope i get lucky,lol


25-06-2005 13:29:13

I went green within 5 minutes....


25-06-2005 14:33:33

well i did it but still no been 30 min. so we will se how long it really takes for me.


25-06-2005 16:44:41

RealRhapsody took 3 days to go green for me, it wasn't too bad, easy to cancel as well.


25-06-2005 21:11:11

do they credit on weekends?


25-06-2005 21:12:34

oh and did you guy's have to download anything in order to complete your offer? cause they were telling me to.


25-06-2005 22:27:44

I downloaded the Rhapsody player and used it. I did not check to see if I had credit before using it though....


25-06-2005 22:35:23

i dont think you NEED to download and use (open at least once) the software, but i would recommend doing so.

2 people have greened for me using real rhapsody, and they greened within minutes.

i do think it is hit and miss though, and im unsure about wheter they redit on the weekends or not.


26-06-2005 09:47:37

They do credit on weekends and they do credit instantly, less than 2 mintues to green usually. Very cheap offer, one of the best!


26-06-2005 11:28:03

i downloaded it, i think i have gotten credit once on the weekend.


26-06-2005 12:42:41

i am currently having troubles with trying to install it. drm error or some shit. i sent an email to the support so i will hopefully get it done. i dont want bad feedback on the person i traded with (


26-06-2005 17:32:39

CRAP! it say's the same thing to me! now how am i going to get credit?


26-06-2005 17:36:26

You don't have to install this to get credit, although you're paying for iit, might as well do it


26-06-2005 17:39:18

well its been a 1.5 days and still no credit.


26-06-2005 18:10:20

Computer-guy, then you probally messed something up....cookie problem... what browser you using? do you have a firewall blocking cookies? etc...? could just be the site wait till monday and see whats up )


26-06-2005 18:13:00

yea firefox ans widows firewall, can i stll get credit for it then?


26-06-2005 18:29:58

Relax, worst case you'll have to ask for manual credit. I did it Thursday morning and didn't get credit yet.


26-06-2005 19:05:43

alright i guess i'm just getting jummpy cause i'm trying to get my ipod by the end of next


27-06-2005 07:16:04

I got credit for rhealrapsidoy instantly!!!! Both doing it in a trade and having someone else do it for me as a ref.


27-06-2005 16:46:26

Do u think i didn't get credit instantly was because i had windows firewall service pack 2 and was using firefox?


27-06-2005 16:55:21

Yeah the windows firewall might have done that, i use firefox so that shouldn't be a problem but i have to disable my firewall when i do offers cuz it blocks cookies


27-06-2005 17:11:44

CRAP! that was the one thing i forgot to disable. evil


27-06-2005 17:55:42

I'm sure you can get manual credit tho


27-06-2005 18:01:08

yea i think thats what i'll do.