how fast can i get done with minimacs?

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22-06-2005 20:51:37

i have been thinking about doing minimacs and i have some extra money and stuff for trades so i am just wondering how fast it takes most people to get it done so i can try and beat it.


22-06-2005 20:57:02

Haha a challenge, eh? Well, I'll give you my estimated timeline...I started this whole freebie thing back in February...I started on Feb 24th and I believe I received the computer on April 25th.

I got all of my referrals through friends from school and back home...I knew all of my trades, no c0ngas, nothing.

That's my story )

Good luck to you!


22-06-2005 21:00:04

excellent. i signed up for freeminimacs awhile back and did the offer planning on doing it. i got lazy and now i am finally getting back into it. i got all my psps4free refs in less than a week, approved the next week and the money the same week of approval from OC. i have never followed through on a gratis site so i will try it out with this. i am going to start next week probably.


22-06-2005 22:54:28

Talk to ircswh[=http//]ircswh...


24-06-2005 17:08:33

If you have connections, then it won't be long. However, if you don't then put your bags down, your staying for a long time.