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20-06-2005 18:01:28

I have been waiting for like a week now for my status to go up b/c i completed the shoppers advantage offer. I want to start tradeing referrals but i cannot because it says you have not completed any requirements. Just curious can i start getting greens with this or do i have to wait like 15 days or w/e i need sum vets info on this one thanks



20-06-2005 18:08:58

nah you can get as many people as you want to sign up and green for you, and you dont even have to complete you offer.....if you really wanted to, you could sign up, get pay 100 people to green for you, then not even do your offer and just leave the site alone.....stupid and pointless i know, but im just saying you can leave to do your offer till last if you want.

many people do this so they dont waste money on an offer and they might not even get all their greens.

trade away!

oh and you might find it difficult to find people to sign up for freeipods on here btw...nearly everyone has done it.....assuming thats what site your talking about.


20-06-2005 18:12:51

Yes that was the site i am talking about i can basically do any site though im just waiting for my offer to be complete because i already did it. I should have taken an instant one but i didn't find this amazeing site til later i plan on bein here for a while and completeing everysite i can(hopefully) muhahaha



20-06-2005 18:17:47

cool......but like i said, you can do any offer on any site while others are still waiting to green.

so if you wanted to start trading before you go green yourself, then go for it.