Newbie Gratis Question

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20-06-2005 12:44:22

Hi all,
I'm a short time lurker, first time poster.
I am planning to start working to get an iPod from Gratis soon and I have a simple question that may seem inane, but if I create an account with Gratis for an iPod and I refer a friend that would like to work to a 360 deal, will he have the option of branching into that realm?

Also, I had read somewhere that if say I do Blockbuster to start my iPod that he would have to do something other than Blockbuster. Is that correct?

And to wrap up, any advice is appreciated.



20-06-2005 12:48:59

he can do blockbister, thats fine.

But no he can not be "branched" off to another site..

If he signs up through u for freeipods.. he must do freeipods


20-06-2005 16:17:48

yeah....for him to be your referral on freeipods, he will have to sign up with your link, and complete an offer....BUT, if he then wants to do the xbox360 site, he can do if he wants to.....he doesnt need your link or anyone elses, he can just go to the site and sign up.