Hydroderm Botox alternative offer

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20-06-2005 10:43:24

Has anyone had any experience with this offer? The one on ratetheofffers is for the hydroderm bodyshape offer and I can't seem to find any info on how good the offer is. Thanks!


20-06-2005 10:43:58

I loved it...it was instant credit and inexpensive )


20-06-2005 10:48:33

Cool. I guess the other Hydroderm offer was highly rated so this one should be good... Thanks for the info!


20-06-2005 11:10:40

yes, great offer.. very professional and such. You have to return it though if you wish to lililililili it.


20-06-2005 14:17:25

Ah ok. Didn't know about sending it back. It credited within 10 minutes.


20-06-2005 15:31:17

yeah it credit for me in 10 minutes too, great offer but if i want to cancel it im goin to have to send it back?


24-06-2005 19:10:57

yeah it credited really fast but it was a huge hassle to send back


24-06-2005 20:32:19

yeah i did this a couple of nights ago and got credit wthin about 30 minutes.....and it was only $4, so you really cant complain.

why was it a huge hassle to send back, toilet?


30-06-2005 15:56:59

For some reason I have not received credit. I am waiting 2 more days in order to fulfill the 15 day wait limit. I've already received my free product. (if you are sending it back, you need to call to get an RMA, because if you don't send it back in 30 days, you get charged $49.95. That is what the CSR told me on the phone). Anyhow, it's an okay offer, but for some reason I still haven't gotten credit.


05-07-2005 10:28:44

Make sure you send it back or they will charge you!!!!