Any 1 referral xbox stuff?

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19-06-2005 19:43:01

Still kinda new so are there any sites which offer xbox stuff for like one referral? like controllers or a game or a memory card?


19-06-2005 19:45:30

Wrong forum and no


19-06-2005 19:46:35

gesh....ok...which forum should I go to then? Is there stuff for 2 referrals or something?


19-06-2005 19:50:32

THeres a website that you can get games for xbox http//


19-06-2005 19:52:16

I take it since you gave me that link their legit?


19-06-2005 20:00:47

yea people have gotten prizes out of them


20-06-2005 13:25:26

A couple other sites you might want to check out are


Both of these are Gratis sites (freeipods, freegamingsystems, etc) and instead of requiring referrals you do offers for points and then exchange the points for free products (they have other ones in the same "network" of sites - freedvds, freecondoms, freecds). Games are around 2300 points or so, and most offers range from 350-1000 points. Both freevideogames and freegiftplanet offer games and accessories for the XBOX (memory unit is 1150 points, DVD playback is 1300, etc).

Its nice in that you don't need to harp on anyone else in order to get some free stuff, but the downside is that you have to do several offers in order to get ONE item. For instance, you need to complete 2-8 offers in order to get ONE XBOX game. So, you're getting a $30-$50 item (unless you wait for good deals on a game) but you're actually giving up a bit in order to get that item. These offers are the same as the offers at freeipods, and the others, so when you do them at freevideogames you can no longer do those offers for one of Gratis' other sites. So, that one offer (say Blockbuster) gets you only 600 points at freevideogames, but could be the only thing you need to do (aside from referrals) in order to get a free $500-600 Mac Mini...

So, in a sense, the offers aren't worth nearly as much to you when you complete them on freevideogames - you're giving up the ability to do good/easy offers for a different site, and the "value" that those offers return aren't as good. I made the mistake early on doing freegiftplanet in order to get some Shure E2c earphones for my free ipod (way back in the day) - and then as more sites exploded onto the scene, I had to do some of the less desirable offers since I'd already done more of the good ones for the earphones...