I love gratis, just did approval

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18-06-2005 23:30:21

I just clicked for approval. This is my first site i've completed. Freegamingsystems! I love gratis! How long does it take for approval?


18-06-2005 23:31:30

took me a day...since its a weekend, they'll prollie approve monday or tuesday


18-06-2005 23:33:02

thx for your replay, I'm so excited )


19-06-2005 14:09:34

I read they don't approve on weekends. So say I get approved tomarrow (monday), i've seen people saying "will i make this stv batch" how do people know when gratis goes stv, do they have certain days they ship to vendor?


20-06-2005 11:51:10

freepsp took about month from when i submited till when i got it. it was the longest month of my life, but I got a FREE psp!


20-06-2005 16:06:58

Another day down without approval, o well....I'm sure they will get to me sooner or later )


22-06-2005 09:54:04

Yes! I got approved today and went into processing!!! I'm so excited


22-06-2005 13:00:04

I just got my camera from gratis a few days ago, and it took exactly one week from submitting for approval to recieving it, gratis is being super super fast lately.


22-06-2005 13:28:24

That is awsome to hear!!


22-06-2005 14:13:11

so, have you been approved yet?


22-06-2005 14:22:52

Yeah i said above, i got approved today, and went into processing.