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18-06-2005 23:27:28

so here is a problem that i recently encountered. One month ago, I signed up under my friend. In the process of doing so, I pressed back, so that account #1 was incomplete while account #2 was complete with the delivery address and offer. I already contacted gratis about the double accounts problem, and they said that is long as i didn't do an offer on account #1, verify it, or send ppl to it, I should be fine. The only problem is that account #1 showed up on my friend's account, and not #2. Do you think Gratis would giver her credit for my green (even though the account that i went green on does not show under her status)?? Would I just send a support ticket?


18-06-2005 23:31:09

dunno....contact them and ask them....we could say yeah she'll get the green, when infact she might not.

PM jake (the gratis rep on here) and see what he says.

otherwise contact gratis again. its probably your best bet.


18-06-2005 23:42:27

[quote038ae6fa50="theysayjump"]PM jake (the gratis rep on here) and see what he says.[/quote038ae6fa50]

that sounds like a good idea..thx


18-06-2005 23:43:38

no problem


19-06-2005 09:26:14

I dont really think so. It wouldn't be to be mean or anyuthing but they wouldnt see that as such a big deal. And besides, it would make more sense if your friend, or both of you went to gratis instead of just you.