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17-06-2005 08:16:47

I got approval for my XBOX 360!!! Can't wait till November! My question, is I'm moving in August, but don't know what my new address is going to be. If I don't place the order now, will I be penalized on not receiving the XBOX 360 as soon as others that place their order now? Or should I place an order now, and change my address in August? Thanks for anyone's advice.


17-06-2005 11:20:50

Why not email them and ask?

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17-06-2005 12:26:47

Chances are you'll still be processing, so just cancel the order when you move and reorder it after you know the new address.


17-06-2005 12:32:34

or use someone's address, mother/father/sibling who won't be moving


17-06-2005 14:32:31

The only way you might be able to change your address is by cancelling the order, and re-ordering, which might delay your shipment if they will preorder a given number of Xbox 360s

My advice is to ask Jake about this. He will be able to better help you.


17-06-2005 14:33:52

[quote2f8bc59854="GiveMeSome69"]or use someone's address, mother/father/sibling who won't be moving[/quote2f8bc59854]

I agree...ship it to someone who isn't going anywhere.


17-06-2005 14:40:38

You do realize that this is probably against Gratis' TOS?