do you get a free t-shirt with freephotoipods?

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16-06-2005 15:49:55

I did some searching, but I didn't see an answer to this question (the results talked about either freephotoipods or the free t-shirt, but not both in the same post)

Do you get a free t-shirt with the freephotoipod?

I just requested approval today, and I didn't get a free t-shirt when I finished


16-06-2005 17:02:14

No I do not think so I didn't and I haven't heard of anyone getting one with photo


16-06-2005 22:22:13

that's sucko (

And I do so love a cool t-shirt.


16-06-2005 23:31:42

I just received a t-shirt from gratis today out of nowhere (I didn't get one with free ipod either). Maybe you'll get one too?