Gratis and Childs Play

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16-06-2005 08:44:43

For those of you who don't know, Childs Play is a charity that brings toys, mostly video game systems to hospitals so that the children who are stuck in there with longer term illnesses have something to make their stay there a little better. The collection happens near christmas each year. The website is here http//

This is something that is hosted by which is a gaming comic site and has a large community.

I was thinking that it would probably be quite beneficial to the cause if Gratis and Childs Play could work something out for next season. Maybe just a referal link that people could sign up under and complete offers and when it was all said and done all the offers could be used to get free gear for the children. I know that this wouldn't exactly fit with the gratis profit model because none of the referals would be wasted, but that part could maybe be Gratis' offer to the cause. I'm guessing there's a better way to work it out but I think that something like Childs Play could truly benefit from a company like gratis.


16-06-2005 08:53:58

that sounds really good.


16-06-2005 12:59:58

Or people can take their free game systems they earn and take them to a local childrens hospital. I do that with all my old game systems and games, donate them at one shot when I get the new system. Meaning my xbox will be done in a few months