First Approval!

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15-06-2005 22:20:59

Sent in for shuffle today thru 3 trades on the site tonight. I am nervous as this will be my very first free gift.

I also hope that 2 of the 3 pending on my flatscreen site go green tomorrow. Once did blockbuster and said she got a e-mail that the movies were went out today, so I hope she gets credit for it tomorrow. The other did Great Escape, and the 3rd did one of the diet ones.

Wish me luck everyone, I am excited and nervous


15-06-2005 22:36:05

Good luck. )


15-06-2005 22:36:08

good luck and if you did nothing wrong then really there is nothing to worry about


15-06-2005 22:48:16

yeah you should be fine if you kept to the TOS. its just the waiting part that is the shittest!

all the best!


16-06-2005 02:21:47

shuffle was my first freebie too
all 3 of my refs did, 2 of them were credite din 2 days, the 3rd had to wait 15 and give a non-credit report

but i got my shuffle -)


16-06-2005 22:08:28

[quote88d4b6fa7c="a9xe6oz"] the 3rd had to wait 15 and give a non-credit report[/quote88d4b6fa7c]
i didnt get credit after 5 days, and faxed them the confirmation emails, and they gave me credit as soon as they got them D

good luck and you have nuthin 2 worry about, enjoy your free shuffle


17-06-2005 06:18:41

blockbuster takes a while, atleast for me and a guy who is doing it for me. took me 4 days after i got the dvd sent confirmation.