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15-06-2005 22:11:14

So i went stv on freepsps 6/8
who thinks its possible for me to get my psp by the 22nd?
im leavin for a few months on the 23rd
so im hopin it comes
oh well


15-06-2005 22:17:42

well, if you went STV on 6/8, u can try to track the package (saw this on the board). Do this.


Enter your order number as the reference (number only), and enter your zip code. Should tell you if it shipped yet. Saw that some people got their gifts while still STV


15-06-2005 22:19:16

yeah i got my ipod and ipodshuffle while both sites said it was still STV.

you should get it before the 22nd i would say.