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15-06-2005 10:58:31

Ok, maybe I'm blind. But I can't find that damn customer service ticket anywhere on the site? I am looking specifically for freeipodshuffles. where do I find the place to write them???


15-06-2005 12:25:55

Log into your account and click on Help. There, you will find a series
of questions. The fastest way through this to the page where you can type in your own question is as follows

1. Click on the 'My question is about my current account status' link.

2. Click on the 'I still have a question and would like to contact customer service' link.

This will take you to a box in which you can type a question.


15-06-2005 13:56:26

ive written this for "newbies" so many times that i was gonna suggest this should maybe be made a sticky on here and of the freeipods forum.


15-06-2005 14:00:19

no thats a waste of space noobs should learn how to search the forum


15-06-2005 14:03:35

fair enough