Credit For Wrong Site??!?!

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15-06-2005 10:40:59

How many people have done an offer for one site and got credit for it on another site? That happened to be after I have gotten very aggrivated from ratis, is this a glitch or somethign? Has it happened to any of you?! I dont know what is going on or what I need to do!, Now I have one site that has two completed offers on it, and one site with nothing!


15-06-2005 12:28:33

Contact us via the customer service inquiry system and we will fix the problem for you.

The reason for this happening is that you probably had a cookie for the site that you did not need credit for still lying around on your computer which confused the tracking of our software and we gave you credit for the wrong site.

Rest assured, we will take care of this for you.


15-06-2005 12:33:16

haha they did this to me too. when you paste in your confirmation email, put in the headers too (date, etc.. )otherwise they won't credit you.. but yea they fixed mine. they credited me for FGS and it was supposed to be fore xbox360

GSXR 600

15-06-2005 12:42:28

This happen once long time ago...I just did another offer.


15-06-2005 13:06:40

I had this happen for when I completed an offer for a Gratis site and it credited to a OC site. I was pissed because both companies said I was SOL and OC wouldn't compensate me even though they got double credit on one of their sites.