Instant Offers Really Instant?

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14-06-2005 07:39:11

Are any really instant? I know some say they are, but they are not. just curious


14-06-2005 09:11:21

Sometimes credit appears instantly, other times it doesn't.

We at Gratis are prepared for these possibilities, so we have a contingency plan in place for all these cases.

Do not worry, if you complete an offer PROPERLY, you will receive credit for it.


14-06-2005 10:08:21

ok, just wondering, thanks!


14-06-2005 12:21:04

It seems to work better if you do a instant offer during normal 9-5...don't know if it really matters but anyone that has done a instant offer under my accounts during those hours go instant green then but if it's late or on the weekend 2-3 days normally.


14-06-2005 12:42:09

I've done instand offers late at night and they've worked fine (hydroderm was great!).

Maybe I'm just lucky, though ;)