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13-06-2005 23:10:46

Thanks to some trades on this site, and the help of my friends, I now have 8 people signed up and they all did offers! Waiting for my last 2 persons to go green so I can submit )


13-06-2005 23:17:54

well congrats buddy but what site are you referring to? lol


13-06-2005 23:19:19

im guessing one that takes 10 referalls

but who knows.. i could be wrong


13-06-2005 23:34:52

sorry, flatscreen. Actually I am back down, the person who just completed an offer for me did not sign up under my link!! he did an offer and went green, but for some reason he is not showing it. I think he might have made a mistake


13-06-2005 23:36:07

ouch that sucks

and see i knew i was wrong