friend get on hold? need help please

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13-06-2005 17:19:03

my friend has signed up for freepsps in the past, once not under my name, once under my name, and then today under my name because he didn't know he had the others, the time difference bgetween all of them were much apart, the other ones he has not done an offer, this one he is going to though, will he get put on hold? or iwll I? or will it be fine?

if anyone at gratis can please help me about this that is on the forum?


13-06-2005 19:02:02

as long as he does not refer people, do his offers, show any activity, or verify his account, he should not be put on hold.


13-06-2005 20:48:39

yeah what ashnapps said is should definitely contact Gratis and let them know of the situation at hand though. see what they may have a problem with it since he has signed up so many times....but just contact them and let them know.

it happened to my with and to cut a long story short, i didnt use my old account and i eventually got my ipod. D