winanylotto offer gone, will I still receive credit?

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13-06-2005 15:22:11

Saturday or Sunday I signed up for the offer from, I have yet to get credit when its supposed to be instant. I signed up for a 1 day membership and do not want to get charged the 40 bucks a month it costt that will autobill me. I notice the offer is no longer on gratis's sites.

Will I still receive credit?


13-06-2005 15:24:47

if you did it properly then you shouldnt have a problem eventhough the offer is gone. If you dont get credit after 15days send a no-credit request form.


13-06-2005 15:40:18

so I'm free to cancel my account at I don't want to be charged 40.


13-06-2005 15:44:29

if you arent interested in the trial anymore then you should cancel please read the rules of this forum we dont discuss cancelation