Hold Question

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13-06-2005 13:38:52

Yeah, so i just got placed on hold for purely letting other people use my credit card number in their offer completion. This makes me a little mad because they said that the users werent unique, but they were, they just used my credit card number and that is it. The main reason this makes me mad is because all the offers and referalls were legitimate and i needed to do ten referalls and worked so hard to get them all. Does anyone know why they did this or just have some feedback? Thanks


13-06-2005 14:02:45

If they allowed people to use other people's credit cards to do offers, anyone can go around using their own credit card and making up names to do referrals for themselves (not saying you did). I bet you did some of them on the same PC right? That's probably what got you.


13-06-2005 14:05:35

you must have done sumthing else... OR they used ur credit card on the same offer...

i dont believe the advertisers share personall info unless u tryt to scam the offer companys


13-06-2005 14:25:11

thats basically scamming......its hardly unique if 10 people all used the same credit card number, with the same billing address etc.

if that was allowed then there would be no need to get referrals you could just do them all yourself.....maybe you shouldve read the terms of service.


13-06-2005 16:24:57

you did something else, there is no way they could have found out that the same credit card was used.

it kinda sucks b/c Gratis was probably your best bet for free sites & you messed it up.


15-06-2005 17:45:43

well im trying to get things worked out with them, i hope it goes well, i really do look up to their efforts.