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13-06-2005 12:39:15

I received my 19" Sony flatscreen from freeflatscreens.com on Friday. I absolutely love it!

My question is this - I actually noticed last night that the model is not the model that is advertised on freeflatscreens.com

The model I received is the 93/B when the site advertises the 94/B. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not complaining AT ALL! I don't expect a replacement, and I don't even want one (I love my monitor lol). This question really is more for the community than it is for me - was my shipment a bit of a fluke, or is the model you guys send out always the 93/B?

My reason for asking is that the main difference between those models is that the 93 only supports VGA input, while the 94 supports VGA and DVI...some of the Mac users out there might be getting this monitor solely for that purpose that it supports both.

Like I said, it really doesn't concern my situation because it works just dandy for my computer ) But a clarification may make life easier for Gratis and some of its customers down the road.

Thanks Jake.

And if anyone else out there can post about the Sony 19" they received, it would also help to clarify the point I am trying to make...if Gratis is sending out the 93/B model, it may want to tweak the information on its website so as not to be misleading. If I was just a fluke in the ordering process, oh well...it's all good here wink


13-06-2005 12:46:48

Thanks for letting me know. I have forwarded this to the appropriate department and they will investigate. )


13-06-2005 13:21:21

Thanks for the info. I'd be happy with a free monitor but I guess I'd still be a tad disappointed with a VGA only monitor if I was expecting a DVI capable one.

According to this post, it's the 93 model being shipped out

but hey, it's free and I'll be happy when I can get mine.


13-06-2005 13:27:53

Hmm, yeah looks like it's the 93/B that's going out. And yeah, it's slightly disappointing, but it's not a huge deal since you can just get one of those VGA/DVI adapters to fix the problem. Apple even includes them with the Mac Mini.


13-06-2005 15:44:13

Wish i had DVI on my 19" from Gratis cry


13-06-2005 21:03:24

my tech4free monitor has dvi -) and i use it.


14-06-2005 00:42:41

you fancy peoples and your DVI capable video cards (