Any suggestions on which is the better offer?

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13-06-2005 11:33:19

Hey all...

Im trying a new one of the gratis sites...

So far Ive been able to find offers I actually wanna try... Video Prof... etc.

Now Im trying to decide between the audio book mp3s one (since I like books and have a new ipod ariving via DHL tomorrow...

or the Shoppers Advantage... I know Ill be happy with the audio books one... but has anyone tried Shoppers Advantage? Is it as good as it sounds? I dont wanna do it if it sucks... cuz I dont wanna have to cancel it.

Any input would be appreciated... otherwise im goin with the e-books.


13-06-2005 11:50:42

I have yet to try Shopper's Advantage, but it is run by the same company (Triligiant), that provides other offers (Buyer's Advantage, Great Fun, etc...)

Their service fees are fairly inexpensive and they do offer some nice just need to read what specific offers you are going to receive. Also, they usually send out very nice gifts for trying out their service...I just got a pair of Audiovox walkie talkies, and they're actually very nice!

Their customer service is also very friendly if you decide their service is not for you, but you will probably find the service is definitely worth investigating.

Good luck!