Hey Jake... Got a question...

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13-06-2005 08:59:34

Hey Jake,

Now that my ipod has shipped, a lot of the people here at work are convinced that this whole freesite thing is legit and want to sign up.

Am i correct in my understanding that if they use their computers here at work than all our accounts will be put on hold (freepsps.com for example) because we are all behind a firewall and thus will have the same IP?

It kinda sucks that that would mean no one from my office can do it if they dont have a computer at home.

Or if we were all to sent customer support a "heads up" ticket before completing an offer... then would it be ok?

it would all be done with different addresses, on different computers... different names and emails etc.

If it would work I would have quite a few new people who are excited about your network.



13-06-2005 09:11:17

You guys can sign up from work if you want. As long as all of these users are unique and legitimate, you will be ok. Being behind a firewall on a network at your place of employment should not raise any warning flags on the part of Fraud Prevention.

It should not be a problem if your coworkers sign up from the same network as long as they don't all enter in their work address as their mailing address.

If you warn us at the beginning, that is always helpful also.


13-06-2005 09:12:08

Isn't gratis awesome D


13-06-2005 09:28:54

[quote52959c3f7c="Peinecone"]Isn't gratis awesome D[/quote52959c3f7c]

yes... yes it seems they are.

thanks Jake


13-06-2005 10:23:07

the problem is, what if they all sign up under each other, then many referrals would be under the same IP. wouldn't that raise some flags?


13-06-2005 11:20:12

[quote25cd12127b="Archon810"]the problem is, what if they all sign up under each other, then many referrals would be under the same IP. wouldn't that raise some flags?[/quote25cd12127b]

Indeed that was my concern since they will all be going under me initially...

I think i may have done my offer from home... in which case i guess it wouldnt matter... but that was like 75 days ago so i dont remember exactly.

anyway... it sounds like what Jake is saying is that if I sent a ticket to gratis before they sign up and let them know... then all should be ok as long as they are clearly different people based on name, email and address... none of that stuff will even be close so Im hopeful.

Ive talked to a few of them already and told them if possible they should do it from somewhere else.. i.e. friends house etc.

Jake... if i referency you (like "Jake who I met on freeipodguide.com") when I send the ticket to gratis through the site... will that help my case at all?