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10-06-2005 19:59:39

Hello everyone, I am sorry for my densness before. It will not happen again. I was stupid and did not read the forum rules and was banned immediatley for posting links to my ebay auctions. I am not trying to get new people to sign up on these lines. The problem is that they are all ranked number one in google (mac mini, xbox 360 and psp) and I have been maintaing them for months now even though I got my free items right away. I ran them completely legitimatley up to gratis's standards, and now I just do not want ot maintain them any more. If you are having trouble getting referrals and want to purchase my sites, pm me and I will send you the links to the ebay auctions.

Stroid - TRUST ME, the last thing I want is to get more people on these things. With their google ranking I didn't have to do anything to get referrals. For example, I go the xbox 360 in less than 8 hours.

Once again I am sorry for my extreme stupidity for posting direct links to the auctions without reading the forum rules. All I want to do is get rid of these things without putting down all of the people that are already on the lines. Thank you for hosting this forum. I think it is a great service to all of us who know how wonderful the companies like gratis are for making these awesome sites.

Best Regards


10-06-2005 21:32:16

if the mods havnt read this i dont think they will take too kindly to you creating another username just to get back on the forums since you were already banned.

dont take my word for it though.


10-06-2005 22:01:36



10-06-2005 22:07:02

i seen it coming.....not sure why though wink


10-06-2005 22:26:54

Yeah lol, it just seemd to be more advertising rather than really apologizing.


10-06-2005 22:31:08

[quotee15f23d280="hehehhehe"]Yeah lol, it just seemd to be more advertising rather than really apologizing.[/quotee15f23d280]

yeah, they both begin with A though lol.


10-06-2005 22:32:28

yeah he is a douchebag


10-06-2005 22:33:50 was anice try though.