Freehandbags update

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10-06-2005 16:14:21

Anyone else still waiting for

brief recap

I originally wanted the LV (or $250 check) but they were taken down the week I submitted for approval.

I chose the Coach bag hoping for the $250 gift card, and was "shipped" a few weeks ago. I sent a customer service inquiry saying that I never received anything, and was initially told that it did ship and to check my shipping address.

Fast forward to this week - I received an e-mail from Jake (yes, this Jake!) saying that they were having problems with the Coach bag and offering me a choice between $250 to Neiman Marcus or

I was a little disappointed since there's no NM anywhere near here (I live in NY and figured there'd be one in Manhattan but surprisingly there is not) but there's much more selection than Ashford so I took the NM. I figured I could try on stuff at Bloomingdales and then order it on NM's website.

Anyway, my new gift card is supposed to ship next week? Hope so.

Anyone else waiting on their stuff for freehandbags?


10-06-2005 21:30:45

good job,
i still don't know what to buy
i;ve been looking at watches for like a week