Ive never worried so much...

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10-06-2005 14:25:41

So I just went in for approval yesterday on FreeDigitalCameras, and Ive never worried so much. Im leaving July 10th for Hawaii, and it would insanely suck if I didnt get it by then...


10-06-2005 14:31:50

ha, yea im pretty sure you will get it by then -D


10-06-2005 14:41:07

thanks, but what if for some reason i get put on hold? /


10-06-2005 14:47:43

ur fucked


10-06-2005 14:56:47

[quoteaa63707123="mnx12"]thanks, but what if for some reason i get put on hold? /[/quoteaa63707123]

complain, protest, contact.

do everything you can to make sure you ge that free digital camera dammit!

it's your right!


10-06-2005 15:03:46

See, dont worry about getting put on hold, if you think you did everything right then all you can do is wait. With fee sites, I must say... its all about patience.


11-06-2005 20:10:17

[quote3a1420fc16="aguy"]ur fucked[/quote3a1420fc16]

LMAO. Plus karma.


11-06-2005 20:38:10

Yeah, if you are worried about it is becuase you did something bad.

If everythign words good then YEah you will get it before July 10