Selling my lines on ebay

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10-06-2005 11:48:54

Hey everyone. I have decided to sell my blogs on ebay. They are super successful - you may remember I was the first one to get the xbox 360 on here.

mac mini - number one in google

xbox 360 - number one in google

psp - nuber three in google

Thought you guys might want to bid if you are having trouble getting referrals.


10-06-2005 11:51:50

selling your conga lines on ebay ? lol lol


10-06-2005 12:00:30

more like advertising your conga on our site remove those links now or get bant


10-06-2005 12:06:03

stroid - I am not advertising the lines, I have all of my free stuff and I am sick of changing the links for everyone else. They are real ebay auctions, look at the prices. please don't ban me from the site, I still plan on trading with others on new gratis sites. How else can I let people on this site know that the blogs are for sale? please pm me with your thoughts.



10-06-2005 12:14:46

if a moderator asks you to do something you do not ignore what they ask. If you dont like it im sorry but its not your place. We have a rule no c0ngas and your links are a direct link to c0ngas. If you were selling them on ebay and didnt have the links that would be one thing but you do have the links so actually your just trying to get sign ups on your conga. So i will say it again remove the links now.


10-06-2005 12:18:54

It's pretty shouldn't be using these forums for personal financial gain like that.


10-06-2005 12:24:11

since i had to edit your links cause you didnt listen to me and signed off the forum you will no be bant


10-06-2005 12:29:25

he has recieved a 1 week ban he will be allowed back after a week


10-06-2005 12:35:20

For any Chicago White Sox fans out there...(and no, I'm not one myself...I'm a Cubs fan)

...............HE GON!


10-06-2005 12:38:57

What a tool.


10-06-2005 13:31:15

[quoteb9187324c1="Jake"]What a tool.[/quoteb9187324c1]

lmao....getting into the spirit of it huh jake?


10-06-2005 13:39:52

I used to wonder why everyone in this forum seemed so aggrivated with posts that seemed innocent in nature...just ignorant people not knowing the rules because they never read them. But I'm definitely understanding the reason now...this forum would be riddled with stupidity if we didn't have people throwing down because NOBODY reads them it seems!

You can only be patient for so long


10-06-2005 14:02:11

[quote847388c5ac="theysayjump"][quote847388c5ac="Jake"]What a tool.[/quote847388c5ac]

lmao....getting into the spirit of it huh jake?[/quote847388c5ac]

Always. ;)

Smug ignorance is something that gets on my nerves.


10-06-2005 14:11:38

[quotea26375ccdf="Jake"][quotea26375ccdf="theysayjump"][quotea26375ccdf="Jake"]What a tool.[/quotea26375ccdf]

lmao....getting into the spirit of it huh jake?[/quotea26375ccdf]

Always. ;)

Smug ignorance is something that gets on my nerves.[/quotea26375ccdf]

hey you're not the only one. D