anybody shipped recently for fgs - nintendo DS?

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09-06-2005 16:43:18

I've been STV since May 24 on the freegamingsystems site (I picked the DS since I already have the other 3).

Has anybody had a DS order ship recently?

I saw a thread about xboxes shipping today...what, nobody picks a DS these days )


09-06-2005 17:04:10

Hearing about the other horror stories of the xbox taking forever, I thought I would too take forever, but it took me about 20 days after I ordered it. Good luck on the DS!


10-06-2005 13:28:16

Thanks for the timeline. I was just sort of surprised by the superfast freedesktoppc shipping (flatscreens was kinda fast too), so I got a bit worried.

I'll just wait it out )


13-06-2005 06:00:55

[quote1213dacaf2="Rodney"]I've been STV since May 24 on the freegamingsystems site (I picked the DS...)[/quote1213dacaf2]

I've been waiting since that same day. I guess it's just one of their slower sites...? I got my Mac Mini within a week of STV. No rush. I can't afford to buy any games right now anyways.

What games are you looking to get?


13-06-2005 12:35:24

Hey Chris, nice to know someone in the same boat as I am with freegamingsystems.

To be honest, I haven't really had a chance to look at any games for the DS. Does the system shipped by Gratis come with any games?

Out of the top DS games posted on this page[=http//]top DS games posted on this page, I think I may get Madden Football and World Championship Poker.


13-06-2005 12:58:02

The DS should come with the Metroid Prime Hunters demo. I'm really looking forward to playing Animal Crossing DS, Mario Kart DS, Meteos, and even Nintendogs.

Out of the games that are out (and on that list) I'm liking
Super Mario 64 DS
Zoo Keeper
& Kirby Canvas Curse

and maybe
Yoshi Touch & Go
Feel the Magic XY/XX


15-06-2005 08:45:58

still waiting... any news, anybody?


15-06-2005 17:43:14

Nope, I'm still waiting as well


15-06-2005 19:11:07

I just tried out the DHL Trick and it has my order listed (I was listed as STV on June 1). The DS will arrive in 2 days!

Now the only thing I'm wondering is if it will also include the free copy of Mario 64 that the new systems include. I guess I could try and trade it in at a local Toys R' Us if it doesn't.


16-06-2005 07:38:40

Alright! It's on its way! Here's to hoping it comes with SM64DS.

Edit Hmmm.... after some quick research, I have discovered that the DS only weighs about 9 oz. And the package on the DHL site says it weighs 3lbs (48 oz). What ever could this mean??


16-06-2005 15:11:26

I just checked gratis and it shows the shipment tracking information...woo hoo!

It showed up today, but it was actually shipped yesterday 6/15 via Second Day Air (a nice bonus). I should have it in my freebie hands by tomorrow )

[quote8a133c1455]And the package on the DHL site says it weighs 3lbs (48 oz). What ever could this mean??[/quote8a133c1455]

Maybe you got a bonus freebie )

My DHL tracking page says the package weighs 2 pounds.


16-06-2005 18:46:02

well if you guys do get something extra could you let me know by PMing me because i've got 3 outta 4 and have been wondering if i should go for the DS

o yea, i saw a commercial today saying if you buy a DS then it comes w/ a free copy of mario )


17-06-2005 09:23:21

Just got the DS. Unfortunately without the free Mario 64 game though that really isn't that big of a deal. I'll just use my CC Gift Card for that )


17-06-2005 10:27:14

My lame apartment office wouldnt let them deliver it and sign for it. No is home to sign so I'm just going to pick it up in the morning.

And mine really says 3lbs. So we'll see on that too.


17-06-2005 11:21:29

Mine was also listed as 3 lbs. though the box had it as 2 lbs.


17-06-2005 18:47:52

I got mine today. I was pulling out of the driveway as the DHL lady was pulling up to my house.

The DS looks different than I imagined it. Cooler )

I picked up super mario brothers at the store to play as soon as it finishes charging up.


20-06-2005 06:10:48

Got mine Saturday morning. I think I've mastered the Metroid Prime Hunters demo by now ) I'm gonna go look for some sites where I can get some free games.