Block Buster Offer Requirements have Changed!!

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09-06-2005 13:07:12

I was waiting for my last referral to go through via pistonz and he signed up for blockbuster, 4 days later no credit. I completed the offer for someone on flatscreens, and no next day credit.
I took a look at the requirements today and here is what it said.

Sign up for a month subscription at Blockbuster for only $9.99 for the first month. You do not have to enter a promotional code to access this offer. [b41e3c4205e]You will be credited after receiving your first shipment of DVDs.[/b41e3c4205e]

I have already ordered my DVD's

Gratis is getting smart lol.


09-06-2005 13:08:47

They're forcing you to enjoy your trials )


09-06-2005 13:10:23

yes they are, how dare they. lol yeah it is actually a good service though like 2 free instore rentals, u can't get that for $10.


09-06-2005 13:18:05

Yeah, that is mighty fine...I still havn't done that offer's my fall-back offer ;)


09-06-2005 14:29:53

ahh, shit that's why it's not crediting!!


09-06-2005 15:25:08

oh man... ima get a bunch of greens off my myspace then in a few days -/


09-06-2005 17:40:45

I am going on my 4th month... I love it.


09-06-2005 18:22:31

same here I've been a member since early Febuary. ........Its awesome