Offers on Gratis gone?

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09-06-2005 12:41:53

Go to all your gratis sites and look at the offers. The most offers I have is 3 and on freeipods there aren't any at all!


09-06-2005 12:44:09

yup....freedesktoppc i have blockbuster and efax.

its the end, the end i tell you!!


09-06-2005 12:53:06

It is like that for me too. I'd imagine they are just doing some updating. Hopefully they will add some new offers while they are at it!


09-06-2005 12:54:19

I came to see if this happened to anyone else too... I really hope they don't give us the OC treatment.


09-06-2005 12:54:39

lol rumors spread on here waaaay too fast. It's probably just a tiny glitch while they update or something. My offers are still all showing.

Give things a couple minutes before you fly off the handle ;)


09-06-2005 13:03:37

mine all have a bunch of offers on them. they have changed them up though.


09-06-2005 13:07:52

Yeah, I got a couple of new ones...I'm sure this was just a switch-over updating period


09-06-2005 13:23:10

nope... due to referal fraud they had to take away offers

sorry guys


09-06-2005 13:25:39

yeah theyre back for me also.


09-06-2005 13:26:45

lol, don't get them started


09-06-2005 13:35:08

Don't worry, we just rotate offers around and sometimes, you don't see as many as you are used to seeing.

They'll be back. )


09-06-2005 13:49:29

Yeah, they're back. I guess OC just has me on edge.