DHL Trick not really working anymore?

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09-06-2005 11:38:02

I just got word that my digital camera shipped today via DHL, and I noticed two things

1) The reference number is NOT the order number from's a much larger number

2) The shipper is not located at 49637 (Grawn, MI).

It is now liP C CONNECTION SERVICES in Wilmington, OH 45177

Anyways, WOOHOO for free camera )


09-06-2005 12:05:11

I just noticed that on my DHL tracking page also.


09-06-2005 12:08:15

You weren't shipped yesterday right? So there is hope I am (will be) shipped, but my status isn't changed yet.


09-06-2005 12:13:31

Nope, I was shipped today sometime around 10am-ish central time. Good luck!!


09-06-2005 12:55:15

What reference number did you use to track it then? Where did you find this "much larger" number?


09-06-2005 13:02:31

Ok, when I checked my freedigitalcameras status, I was shipped with a tracking number. When I looked up that info on DHL's site (track by number) it brought up all the shipping info, and in that information, they always also tell you the reference number.

From there, if you try looking for your shipment the old way (track by reference) you can't get it to come up using the order number issued by Gratis...only that larger reference number that DHL has on the site.

Hopefully that makes sense )


09-06-2005 17:55:01

you're a hottie, thx =)


10-06-2005 08:33:44

Yeah, got shipped as well) Long live Gratis!)


10-06-2005 08:55:03


It does appear that this trick still works for

I'm not sure about some of the others I haven't mentioned


10-06-2005 12:27:02

Thie might only affect the Sony t7. New camera, new vendor, different internal reference number?

Mine came yesterday. D


10-06-2005 12:38:58

Could next task is figuring out how my desktop pc is coming and where it's coming from, lol


10-06-2005 12:41:36

Hm, the M1 I ordered is coming with UPS...


10-06-2005 12:54:19

Strange...maybe it's a location thing?


10-06-2005 18:31:59

I thought the trick only works for


10-06-2005 23:25:27

It also worked for me on


17-06-2005 20:31:14

how is this shipping trick done?


17-06-2005 20:37:27

[quote72d4b91cf8="Assmunke"]how is this shipping trick done?[/quote72d4b91cf8]
Look here to see how it's done.


17-06-2005 20:59:58

Ive noticed that if you just click on your order # on the status page it brings you to a screen that has the tracking # on it.

Really simple with gratis just click the order # and youll have the link to all the info you need.

Note these are the actual tracking #'s and should be copied and pasted when brought to the shipping companys home page.

Jake if your reading this I think you should have the gratis folks include this information in the status page.


17-06-2005 21:34:17

Wow, thanks....
didnt know that at all
nice job 8)