How long these days for approval?

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09-06-2005 06:50:32

How long is it taking these days to get approval for freeflatscreens? I just got my 8 and of course am quite anxious to get approved.


09-06-2005 07:04:02

Like it says, 7-10 days maybe less if they're on top of things, maybe more if they're backed up. Patience my friend, patience.


09-06-2005 08:03:30

it used to be lightening quick but now it takes about a week


09-06-2005 09:45:31

Only took a day on frephotoipods for me


09-06-2005 11:42:49

[quoteb0eaa451c5="JUNIOR6886"]it used to be lightening quick but now it takes about a week[/quoteb0eaa451c5]

It really depends on the amount of account approvals that we receive.


09-06-2005 20:34:15

Wow! I just got next day approved!


09-06-2005 22:40:48

Yeah I just went into approval a few minutes ago for FreeDigitalCameras. I am really super anxious on this one, considering that im leaving for Hawaii in about a month, and it would totally suck if I didnt get it by then.


10-06-2005 09:43:46

i sumbitted for approval this morning
Hoping for same day approval as well


16-06-2005 09:05:09

So I'm STV now. Does anyone know what shipping method is used for the 17 inch w/ built in TV?


17-06-2005 14:57:43

I just submitted for approval today, i friggin hope i get approved and don't turn into a gratis horror story. I did everything legit so i really don't see how i could, but i'm just scared cry


17-06-2005 18:33:13

gratis doesnt usually bone ppl, so if u think u did it legit, then u should be fine